A dining concept for people looking to maintain a simple, wholesome diet but in a contemporary, gourmet, fun, ironic, colourful, innovative and surprising way.
To stay in shape while eating delicious, healthy food with no sacrifices and no overly strict rules, we take care of serving you carefully-balanced portions of the main macronutrients (carbohydrate 40%protein 30% and fat 30%) – all you have to do is enjoy them.


The Zone Diet* is the cornerstone concept of our Healthy Kitchen and our menu is the result of much careful study. It is constantly evolving, thanks to the qualified support of Daniela Morandi (a colleague of Barry Sears) and Chef Claudio Colombo Severini (the only “zone” chef recognized by Barry Sears and who works regularly with Daniela Morandi) who work together to continually update our recipes and produce the variety of balanced meal options that enable you to eat healthily and with all the taste and appeal of seriously good food. 403030 Healthy Kitchen dishes are the perfect conflation of our chef’s creativity and our nutritionist’s knowledge of how best to combine foods for optimal health and well-being.

*developed more than 25 years ago by Dr. Barry Sears, inventor and promoter of the Zone Diet.

We keep your glycaemic load down and your mood, concentration, energy and feeling of being full up!