More than food: the 403030 is about more than food.It aims to evolve into something unique: your LIFESTYLE.

403030 LifestyleTHE WAY YOU LIVE

403030 Lifestyle is about balancing the things in your life: sport, relationships, emotions, time, resources, food. A LIFESTYLE for people who care about themselves and want to look after their physical and mental wellbeing in the most simple, wholesome of ways: FOOD. HEALTH. HAPPINESS.


To maintain a healthy mind and body, it is important not to consume too many calories and to stick to a balanced diet: 403030 Lifestyle and 403030 Healthy Kitchen are your allies in balancing what you eat without having to deprive yourself or give up certain foods. To eat well just listen to your body and eat what it needs, following your daily nutritional requirements to the delight of your palate and without ever feeling hungry!

403030 LifestyleEXERCISE(balanced and moderate)

Exercise contributes to general physical health, brings balance to your life and keeps you in shape. Again, it’s all about balance. How do we recommend staying in tip-top condition? Split your weekly exercise time into 40% aerobic activity, 30% toning and the remaining 30% stretching and relaxing muscles and mind. Even a brisk walk every day is enough to ward off the risk of obesity or cardiovascular disease, and to feel fit and healthy almost right away!

People who exercise regularly usually care about their general well-being (for work reasons too) as well as how they look, and the 403030 Lifestyle sums up this life goal perfectly. More and more athletes, at all levels, notice massive improvements in their performance when they follow the Zone Diet: the cuisine at Healthy Kitchen 403030 follows these same principles to bring professionals and sports lovers alike an array of balanced meals that leave them feeling full, more energetic and in great shape.


We all know how effective relaxation techniques like meditation can be – they are an essential part of any healthy lifestyle: chilling out at least 20 minutes a day can help melt away the stress of fatigue, anxiety, overwork and worry. Whether it’s yoga, walking the dog or a tasty lunch, balanced for you by 403030 Healthy Kitchen, finding time to chill is the best way of boosting the immune system, calming the inflammation caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and basically improving the overall well-being of mind and body.


403030 srl SB is a Benefit Corporation – the evolution of the for-profit concept. Traditional businesses exist solely to generate dividends for shareholders. Benefit Corporations, on the other hand, are the TRANSPARENT expression of a much higher concept: in addition to profit as its defined goal, the benefit corporation includes a positive impact on society, people, and the global ecological system. A benefit corporation is a new legal entity that creates a solid foundation on which to align the company’s long-term life-benefit mission with the sharing of profits!


403030 Lifestyle devotes special attention (where possible and respecting customer requirements) to the environment, alternative energy, recycling and compostables. Sustainability is central to our business model and the reason we work hard to limit our impact on society and the biosphere, and to create sustainable value in the long-term for all our stakeholders. Moreover, since our waiting, kitchen and bar staff are our best ambassadors, we are also committed to making sure their roles are valued and that they are happy and enthusiastic in what they do.
Our primary, and most urgent, mission remains to make our customers happy, while creating a happy, stimulating learning environment for our workers.