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We take care of your wellbeing; you simply have to relax, choose your favourite dish and enjoy it.
We will take care of offering you a dish that guarantees the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.
Please do not forget that also fruit and vegetables contain carbohydrates, these carbohydrates are the healthiest for our body and help us keep a reduced glycemic index while they push our spirit, concentration, energy and sense of satiety high!


BALANCEMIX = Dish created with our new, exclusive balanced mix, not a simple flour, but a carbohydrate heart embraced by proteins, perfectly balanced and with a reduced glycemic answer.
You can find this mix only at 403030 Healthy Kitchen!
ZERO = Dish with almost zero glycemic index
G-free* = Gluten-free Dish
V = Vegetarian Dish (milk and egg ingredients)
VV = Dish without animal-originated or derived ingredients

*Since the handling or packaging of some food is not managed by ourselves, we cannot guarantee the total absence of gluten contamination.

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